All About the Custom Cushion Diamond Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings – Ascot Diamonds

Engagement rings come in many shapes, designs, and prices. It is pretty hard for a man to get the perfect engagement ring for his partner. Every man aims to offer a ring that her future wife would love once he proposes. With all the designs of engagement rings, it’s hard to pick one. Let us help you by recommending a custom cushion cut diamond engagement ring in Dallas, Texas

Cushion cut diamonds are known as the pillow shape diamond. This shape was discovered in the 18th century when a miner cut a diamond by hand and called it “mine cut”. Over time the name was changed according to its appearance which looks like a cushion. 

Advantages of Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Unique Shaped

Cushion cut rings are one of the most unique cuts, it is not a common shape that’s why people who want a personalized ring often opt for cushion cut diamond rings. It is not as common as the round diamond so not too many have an engagement ring with a cushion cut. 

More Stunning

A Cushion shape diamond has a bigger table, it will sparkle more. It will be better if you can have a table cut of 70% and a depth of 70%. By having this cut you can get a good table surface that is more reflective. Women love more sparks on their rings. 

More Durable 

Because of the shape of cushion diamond, it is more durable since its corners are broader and it is not prone to chipping when held with metal. Having an identical corner will also be best. The durability of the diamond can depend on the way it was cut, therefore having an expert cutter can make your diamond more long-lasting. Your partner will be wearing it for a long time, it is but right to get a ring that can last for a long time.  

More Affordable 

There is no such thing as a cheap diamond ring but a cushion engagement ring can be more affordable compared with round diamond cuts. Although its popularity is rising, a price increase may occur in the future but as of now, the price is still lesser than the round diamond. 

Varies in Designs 

Custom Cushion Diamond Engagement Ring comes in many designs and the good thing about it so you can even have a customized design. Some people are not satisfied with the ready to make engagement rings and want them to be more personalized, so they choose the cushion cut diamond as their stone and ask their jeweler to make a ring according to the design they desire. 

Designs of Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

  1. Cushion Cut halo engagement rings

This design is a combination of a cushion cut diamond and accessorized by small stones around the center stone which makes the appearance more square. Cushion cut diamond with halo makes the center stones appear larger and brighter. For this type of engagement ring, the following are recommended:

  • Get a good cut as much as possible 
  • The color grade should be G or better 
  • Clarity should be S1 or better
  1. Cushion Cut Solitaire Engagement Rings

This design has a single center cushion cut stone and a plain band. It is ideal for women who want their ring to be simple but has a center stone that stands out. Since the band is plain the center stone becomes more attractive and the stones are more stunning to look at. 

  1. Antique cushion cut

This type of cushion cut ring has a cushion shaped stone but the smaller table, bigger cutlets, and steeper crowns. Compared with the modern cushion cut that has a bigger table. This design is ideal for women who are into vintage looks.

Custom Cushion Diamond Engagement Ring is a good choice for your partner since the stone cut is unique and you can even customize it to the metal and design you want. The personalized engagement ring can make your partner happier, you know them better and you can have your  Custom Cushion Diamond Engagement Ring in the way she wants. Make your proposal extra special by giving her an extraordinary ring. Discover what she wants on an engagement ring and start making a layout, so you will be ready to have it be made by your ring designer and make it come to life.